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Category Archives: Customer related letters

Cancellation of order beause out of stock

Date: _______________ To: _________________ (Customer) Reference is made to your purchase order or contract ____________________ (number) dated ______________ (date) along with a copy of which you had enclosed. Due to the unavailability of the stock, we are not in a position to satisfy your order and ship the goods within the time required, we hereby [...]

Customer service request form

DATE______________ CUSTOMER____________________________________________________ ADDRESS_____________________________________________________ _____________________________PHONE___________________ MERCHANDISE PROBLEMS: DELIVERY PROBLEMS: ORDER NOT FILLED BAD ADDRESS DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE CUSTOMER NOT IN REPAIR PROBLEM DELAYED/LOST IN TRANSIT WRONG MERCHANDISE SOLD DAMAGED IN TRANSIT AMOUNT CHARGED IN ERROR MDSE. MISSING IN PACKAGE CREDIT/REFUND NOT ISSUED OTHER___________________ OTHER___________________ ________________________ REMARKS: DISPOSITION: