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How to write Authorization Letters?

Authorization letters are used to ensure that a given individual is allowed to access the resources of someone else. The letter is used to define the parameters of which privileges are being extended to an individual. The letter allows one to give temporary authority for performing duties on his/her behalf. Following are some tips on how to write an authorization letter.

  • To start with determine the type of authorization that is required. Is the authorization intended to allow access to various files, systems of the company?

  • A proper letter of authorization is always addressed to a specific individual who has the authority to recognize and implement the provisions given in the letter.

  • Proper name and identification must be given in the letter to avoid any kind of confusion. Do not use nicknames or shortened versions of the name.

  • While writing the letter, the first paragraph should include the information about the person who is to be given authorization. The next paragraph will consist of all the areas to which the person is granted access.

  • The final paragraph should specify the duration of authorization with dates. If the time period is not decided then write the starting date and that it will remain in effect till further notice is issued in the same context.

  • Close the letter with ability of the issuing party to assign authority of this nature so that the implementations are executed immediately.

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