Sample Holiday Specials Letters

A holiday special letter can attract holidayers to a sidewalk or store sale . . . invite family and friends to a New Year's party . . . alert fellow bikers to a 4th-of-July parade . . . .

With the exception of family and friends, you will almost certainly be addressing a holiday special letter to complete strangers.

If you are planning a Labor Day store sale, for example, your letter must obviously attract the attention of the type of buyer who will be most interested in what you have to sell. To whom does your inventory appeal the most? Men? Women? Families? Antiques and collectibles enthusiasts? Senior citizens? Hobbyists? Gun owners? The DIY crowd? Pet owners . . . ?

If you sell antiques and collectibles, for example, antiques and collectibles enthusiasts are your best bet. Right? Not quite. A bunch of antiques and collectibles enthusiasts can be further divided into various groups and subgroups. Your letter should never make the mistake of trying to impress everyone.

Your letter must attract the right kind of buyer or you will have a lot of the wrong kind of traffic on your hand or-much worse-virtually no traffic at all.

Regardless of who the letter will be addressed to, be sincere and focus on the recipient and not yourself.

Dear Rare Coin and Banknote Collector,

If you are anything like the rare coin and banknote collector we think you are, we'd love to have you at our first and only sale of the year.

The sale inventory includes gold, silver, international, shipwreck, error, commemorative and ancient coins . . . as well as historic banknotes of 32 African, American, Asian and European nations.

The Labor Day sale will also be an opportunity for serious rare coin and banknote collectors to meet many others like them from all over New England and beyond.

The sale will conclude with an auction of ancient Roman and Greek coinage ranging in value from $695 to $64,000.00.

If you are interested in participating in the auction as a prospective buyer, please call our Marketing Manager, Ms. Christy von Bonhamme, at 1-800-COIN-NOTE to register and receive your auction e-ticket.

Auction regulations require prospective buyers register themselves no later than 72 hours before the auction is due to start.

Have a rare coin or banknote that you'd like included in our regular or sale inventory? Do give Ms. Bonhamme a call to work out an arrangement that's convenient for you.

If you have any questions about the sale or otherwise, please consider it an obligation on my part to be of your assistance.




P.S. If you make a purchase worth at least $1,695 at the store on Labor Day, we'll throw in a charming cedarwood 30-coin display chest with a curved glass front. The chest regularly retails for $395.