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Farewell Letter Template – Saying Goodbye to your Colleagues

Date : _________


Dear, __________ [Your Colleague's First Name]

As many of you probably know, today is my last day. But before I leave, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a great and distinct pleasure it has been to type the words “Today is my last day.”

I will be leaving the ____________ [Your Current Designation] position at _____________ [Your Current Employer] this _________ [Your Last Day Of Work] and taking up ___________ [Your New Designation] position with new ____________ [Your New Employer] from __________ [Joining Date For Your New Job].

I have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure here and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you. Your support, guidance and contribution has made my experience at ___________ [Your Current Employer], a memorable and enriching journey. And what I have gained from it gives me confidence to take on new challenges in the next phase of my career.

My new assignment requires me to relocate to ___________________ [Your New Location]. So let’s keep in touch over phone and email. My contact details are appended below.

Thanks again for everything.

Yours truly,

______________, [Your First Name]

______________, [Your Personal Phone]

______________, [Your Personal E-mail]

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