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Funny letter from a mother to a son

Dear son,

Just a few lines to assure you that i am still alive. I am writing slow because you won’t read ti fast i know. You won’t get the house when you come because we have moved. Your father has got a new job with 500 men and women under him. He cuts grass in a cemetery.Your uncle jack drowned in a vat of whiskey last week. His friends also dived in to save him, but he fought with them bravely. I and your father went to the doctor yesterday. The doctor told to put a small, transparent, plastic tube into my mouth for 10 minutes and not to open it till then. Your father was very eager to but it from him. It only rained twice in the last week. First for three days and then for four days.

Your loving mother.

P.S: I was going to send you 20$ but I have already sealed the envelope. So may be next time .

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