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How to Write a Business Letter ?

Tips For writing business letters :

  • The heading should include the date of when the business letter is written. When not using letterhead stationery, be sure to include your address over the date, while writing your business letters.

  • Make sure that the address above the salutation is the letter recipient’s full address. This address should match the address on the envelope when mailing the business letter.

  • When writing business letters, the title ‘Mr’. for men and ‘Ms’. for women should be included, this gives a professional approach to the letter. “To Whom It May Concern” as a salutation is acceptable for business letters if in case you are unable to obtain a name.

  • Readability of a business letter body, depends on the chosen font. Times New Roman, size 12, or other fonts such as arial, are the most preferred fonts used in the business letter writing.

  • The complimentary close should always appear two lines below the last line of the body at the left margin.

  • The line beneath your closer and signature should contain your typed name and title.

  • Enclosures with business letters should be placed two vertical spaces below the identification line.

  • The full block format for writing business letters is the most modern of all the formats and is typically the most used.

    The business letter gives you and your company a professional image. Use these tips to enhance your business letter writing skills.

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