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Return of late payment and denial of discount

Dear ______________

Your check in the amount of _________ is being returned to you because it has been made out for the wrong amount.

As we have explained previously, the _______ % discount we offer can only be applied when your payment is mailed within __________ (no. of days) days of delivery. By waiting beyond that period, you forego the opportunity to deduct the discount from the amount of your invoice.

Since your payment of the above referenced invoice was not made within the specified time period, you are not entitled to a discount on this order.

We are appreciative of your business and are most willing to accommodate you in any way possible. Our policy, however, in regard to open account terms, is strict, and in fairness to all of our customers, must be even handed.

Please remit your check for the full amount of the invoice.

Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

Thank you for your understanding.

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