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Common mistakes in letter writing

Mostly people avoid tasks either because they find it unpleasant or they don’t know how to do it. The letter can be any business letter or any other informal one. Writing letters can be included in any of the above reasons. Letter writing skills can be improved if one comes to know about the common mistakes made.

  • Not identifying the purpose of the letter : The subject of the letter should be mentioned before the letter starts. If the purpose is not mentioned clearly may be the recipient would not place proper priority or urgency to the letter.
  • Not getting to the point : When you know the purpose of writing the letter, get to the point . Do not extend the letter discussing useless or pointless things.
  • Avoid repetition : Avoid repetition of words. The message with repeated words is not effective.
  • Do not use unfamiliar acronyms or abbreviations : Not every one in the world knows all the abbreviations. An acronym can stand for different organizations . Some of these points if kept in mind can improve the letter writing skills.
  • Do not use confusing words : Keep the letter simple. Stay away from confusing words or sentences. They may deliver a wrong message to the recipient.

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