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Tips on – How to resign?

It is very amazing to know that though leaving the job and the company, still people are not very comfortable in writing resignation letters. To manage the process of leaving a job on behalf of the individual and the employer, it is necessary to write a good resignation letter and resignation acceptance letter. The whole process can be turned into a big dispute if not handled properly. Both, the resignation letter and the resignation acceptance letter should be positively written. One should always leave behind friends and not enemies. Even if the other person does not have ,but you behave with compassion and humanity. Regardless of the reason why you are leaving the job,do not mention any negative part of the company, supervisor,colleagues or subordinates. It should be polite and professional as it will be included in your professional file in future.

A positive end to a relationship will keep a scope for you to mention the employer’s name in reference whenever needed in the future. To avoid awkwardness in the relationship, give your higher authority a verbal notification in advance. The following areas should be given keen attention.

  • Thank the employer for the opportunities you were given.

  • Explain the reason for leaving the job.

  • If no reason strikes your mind, go with a better package offered by some one else.

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