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Tips to write a cover letter

The cover letter should be brief and to the point. A cover letter is just to mention that you are applying for which position and the materials enclosed with the application. You must prepare the cover letter yourself. Do not take the already available cover letters from the sites. Try and make no mistakes in the cover letter. Always make the cover letter on Microsoft word.

If you want your cover letter to truly impress the interviewer then be sure that you use best paper and the content written on that must be spell checked twice or thrice so that there is no way that you can be rejected. Let the font of the cover letter be formal such as Arial. Don’t use colors or a colorful paper. Keep the cover letter short so that it comes in one page in length. Never fold the cover letter and resume. Make extra copies so that if you apply for the same position in the future you can make some changes in them and then use them.

The cover letter surely makes a difference in this fast pace life. Many of us are so busy preparing for the interviews that we are left with no time to prepare cover letters. So keep them prepared before hand. Your interest and creativity will pay off some day.

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