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Cover Letter Samples For Your Resumes

A cover letter should always accompany your resume.

This introduction is more important, in some ways, than the resume itself, because it allows you to:
* Grab the reader's attention
* Specify certain qualifications
* Provide samples of your written communication skills
* Demonstrate your intelligence
* Establish your credibility

Your cover letter should include four vital sections:
* The heading
* The introduction
* The argument or explanation
* The closing

The heading should include:
* Your name
* Your address
* Your telephone number
* Your email address
* The date of the letter
* The address of the company and the name of the person receiving the letter

The introduction should include:
* The greeting
* A statement saying who you are
* A statement explaining why you are writing and succinctly stating why you would be useful to the company

The argument should include:
* Your most valuable qualifications and exactly how they would benefit the company
* Why you are interested in the position or company

The closing should include:
* Closing (e.g., “Sincerely,")
* Your signature