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Letter of Employment Application - CV Cover Letter

From : ________,
Address : ________,

Contact Numbers,
Home : __________,
Cell : __________
e-mail : __________,
Date : _______,

Dept. of Human Resources
Company Name ________,
City, State, Zip ________.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am particularly interested in a career with your organization because of your excellent reputation, as having one of the ten best executive training programs in the industry. Its my firm belief that I can offer your company strong interpersonal skills, organizational ability and retail sales experience.

As a sales executive, I developed effective selling techniques, resulting in consistently exceeding my store's quotas. Through extensive contact with customers, assisting in merchandising and performance of daily store operations, I have gained valuable experience in all the miscellaneous store activities as well.

I am confident that these skills will certainly provide me the much needed background for a successful and productive career, in your organization.

As you suggested I have enclosed my resume for your review. I would like the opportunity to meet and share more about my qualifications and the ways in which I can contribute to the company. Thank you for your consideration.


Your Signature.