Sample Medical Letters

Medical authorization, request and queries are all forms of medical letters.

If you are a parent, you may be required to authorize-in writing-a day care center to seek emergency medical care for your child without requiring them to get in touch with you first.

You may be required to write your doctor or dentist requesting them to release your case history or dental records to you.

You may be an employee writing a local hospital asking that a medical leave recommendation letter be sent to your employer.

On the other hand, you may receive a medical letter from your alternative health practitioner about a treatment plan . . . or from an optometrist announcing the inauguration of their practice in your area.

All of the above are just a few examples of the medical letter.

The purpose of medical letters can range from the mundane to the commercial (like the optometrist example above).

The tone of medical letters can range from the obligatory to that of a star salesman.

Medical letters may be required to be presented in a court of law. It is extremely vital that they are put away carefully for later retrieval.

[Ms./Mr. Name]

Dear [Ms./Mr. Last name],

I am writing to request Dr. [Name] to issue a medical leave recommendation letter in my favor and have it sent to my employer, [Company], [Address].

As the records will show, I consulted Dr. [Last name] over three days last week for a spinal disc herniation and was also advised at least two weeks of complete rest.

I consulted Dr. [Last name] following my dissatisfaction with an earlier prognosis and treatment, which only worsened my condition. In fact, I successfully sued the previous doctor and his employer for medical incompetence and malpractice and was awarded $489,483 as compensation by the court.

As I have applied for a two-week leave of absence from work, my employment contract requires I furnish a letter from a board-certified practicing doctor recommending leave in support of my application.

The recommendation letter must briefly describe spinal disc herniation . . . provide dates of consultation . . . and briefly describe prognosis and suggested treatment, including advise regarding any limitations on physical mobility.

Please include details about my case, including case number, admission details and the like.

The recommendation letter must appear on the doctor's personal letterhead or that of the hospital.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Take care.

[Case #]