Sample Medical Query Letters

Thinking of changing doctors but would like to make an informed decision? Interested in switching over to a highly recommended pediatrician? Want more information about a drug your doctor has prescribed your parent/child? Want to ask a dentist some after-procedure questions?

The medical query letter is what you need. This type of letter queries a doctor or a medical facility and essentially seeks information.

The medical query letter may also be written to inquire, for example, if a doctor/medical facility will be able to send a leave recommendation letter to your employer in support of your leave application.

When writing this type of letter, please keep in mind that doctors/medical facilities are short on time and have to make their way through dozens of letters, mail, documents and the like during the course of a day.

Your medical query letter should make it easy for them to quickly identify you and understand the nature of your request. If they are required to mail something in response, you can make their job easier by including an address label in your mailing, besides mentioning the address in the letter itself.

If you are mentioning names, numbers, dates and the like, make sure you have double-checked them.

[Dr. Name]

Dear [Dr./Ms./Mr. Last name],

I was diagnosed as suffering from [Ailment] by Dr. [Name] at [Medical facility] on August 18, 2011, and was subsequently prescribed the following medication:

  1. [Drug], [Manufacturer], [Dosage], [Frequency]
  2. [Drug], [Manufacturer], [Dosage], [Frequency]
  3. [Drug], [Manufacturer], [Dosage], [Frequency]
  4. [Drug], [Manufacturer], [Dosage], [Frequency]
  5. [Drug], [Manufacturer], [Dosage], [Frequency]
  6. [Drug], [Manufacturer], [Dosage], [Frequency]
  7. [Drug], [Manufacturer], [Dosage], [Frequency]

I researched the drugs and discovered four of them have debilitating side effects, including dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, embolism, memory loss, muscle pain and/or weakness, ringing in the ears, neuropathy, indigestion, darkening of skin color, excessive sweating, short-term vision problems, restlessness, and confusion.

I am writing to seek a second opinion of sorts and to find out if I should continue taking the drugs despite the side-effects.

The doctor that prescribed the drugs says the side-effects are nothing to be unnecessarily concerned about and that they last for a few hours besides.

My concern is that the side-effects will interfere with my ability to work as an independent consultant. In the course of a day, I have to attend several meetings with both clients and prospects.

The doctor I consulted says there is simply no way to give the side effects a wide berth and that in any case, the drugs need to be taken for no more than a week and a half.

Are there any alternatives that you can recommend? The aforementioned doctor himself recommended I consult you as he said you are one of the leading [Specialization] in the Midwest in this branch of medicine.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I can even meet you at your convenience. My contact details are below.

Thank you for your time.


[Identification #]