Greeting Sample Letters

Sample Greeting Letters

Want to surprise a loved one, friend, colleague, customer or acquaintance with a heartfelt message of encouragement, support and thoughtfulness? Shoot them a greeting letter.

Don't burden yourself with hard and fast rules about writing one. Write from the heart. You are a human being writing to another human being. Be yourself. Above all, be sincere. That said, please remember to personalize the letter keeping in mind the relationship that you share with the recipient. The more intimate the relationship, the more casual your greeting letter can be.

You can write a greeting letter to wish someone the best of luck . . . a good morning/night . . . to let them know that you miss them . . . or simply wish them a great day. There are dozens of other reasons to write a loved one, friend, colleague, customer or acquaintance a greeting letter. All you have to do is get those creative juices flowing.

A great way to make a greeting letter even more heartfelt and/or intimate is to write it out by hand. If you have been told that your handwriting is illegible, why not try writing a greeting letter in block letters? You could even make a joke out of why you are doing so!

Or you could simply slow down the pace at which you write to make sure the message is legible. Ask someone to read out the letter loud to find out where your message needs tweaking.

Sample Greeting Letter from an Uncle to a Nephew Starting College

Dear [Name],

It seems like only yesterday that you were knee-high to a grasshopper!

Look at you now . . . you are off to college!

How time flies.

Speaking of which, don't you find it amazing that you and I and Warren Buffett and the Dalai Lama get to spend the same amount of time in a 24-hour period?

Of course, not everybody grows up to become an Oracle of Omaha or an Ocean of Wisdom! But I think how we make use of our time determines to a great extent who and what we eventually become and our success or "failure".

Don't you agree?

And speaking of success, what do you think it means? Money? Expensive things? Power? Influence? Ability to live your life on your own terms?

I think success is about being more, rather than having more. Just ask Buffett. He has pledged 99% of his wealth to philanthropy. Granted, he can live comfortably off the remaining 1% for years to come. But that's not the point.

Don't get me wrong. Money is important. And so too are the things that we accumulate over the years. Money and our possessions define us to a great extent. But money and things are not the be-all and end-all of success.

Anyway, now that you are off to college, I want you to know that I will always be a friend you can count on.

I wish you true success, whatever that may turn out to be for you.

Good luck.


[Your signature]

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