Sample Neighbors Letters

A barking dog or loud music can give even a heavy sleeper sleepless nights . . . especially if Fido or the party is right next door.

If you are too nice to call the cops on your neighbor or speak with them in person, writing them a friendly letter may just do the trick.

Don't use the letter to vent your frustration, be confrontational, let off steam or chew their head off. Remember, you are likely to live next door to each other for many years to come. It pays to come across as a friendly neighbor.

You are a human being writing another human being. So, don't let your letter sound as if it were written by a robot or Martian. How would you feel if the roles were reversed and Fido was your family pet or you were the late-night partying party? Keep that in mind when writing the letter.

Another reason to be respectful and courteous in the letter? The letter may come across the desk of a cop, lawyer and/or judge if things ever get so out of hand that you will have no choice but to complain to the authorities.

Dear Friend [or Name],

We are proud "parents" of an American Akita, Chico, and an Ariege Pointer, Harpo.

Oh, yes, four Homo sapiens-not counting me-also call 2251 home. They are my daughters Jade, 8, and Katana, 12, son Brandon, 6, and my wife, Mariel, (age withheld upon request).

We moved into the neighborhood just weeks ago and feel right at home here.

One thing we've noticed about the neighborhood is that it seems to attract dog lovers.

With the exception of about 6 families or so, almost everyone owns a dog or two.

The bad guys must be giving the neighborhood a wide berth because we haven't heard of there having been a break-in or burglary since we moved here.

I don't think my family will ever be caught sleeping if someone tries to break into or burglarize our place.

That's because we'll still be awake . . . thanks to your beautiful Doberman!

Jade adores her as much as she does Chico and Harpo.

Who wouldn't. She's one friendly and quiet Canis lupus familiaris . . . but only during the day!

At night . . . .

She barks. And barks. And barks some more!

As much as we love dogs, we are now finding ourselves wishing your Doberman were a cat!

That way, she wouldn't keep us awake late into the night!