Sample Party Letters

Holidays, corporate achievements, anniversaries, retirements, and birthdays are all occasions to write friends, family, acquaintances and/or colleagues and invite them to a party. On the other hand, you will also need a party letter to announce the cancellation of a party or thank the host for inviting you over.

The tone of the party letter depends on the sophistication or culture of the host. A letter inviting family and friends home on Thanksgiving may be less sophisticated and less formal than one inviting employees and business associates to the annual dinner to take stock of the year gone by.

That said, the tone of the party letter depends on the rapport the host enjoys with the invitee or the culture of an organization.

When it is in fact a private individual inviting family, friends and acquaintances to a party, a letter—in contrast to an invitation card—may signal not only the sophistication of the host, but may also serve as a testament to the high regard the host has for the invitee.

A party letter inviting family, friends and acquaintances can deviate from the main topic and inquire after the invitee and/or their family, update them about major domestic, business or career developments, etc.

It is best if the party letter focuses more on the invitee and their interests rather than on the host.



Dear [Name],

Four of our very first employees will retire next week.

And we have decided to throw a party befitting the special place that these long-time colleagues of ours occupy in our hearts.

The colleagues in question are:

  1. [Name], [Designation], [Department], [Brief Bio]
  2. [Name], [Designation], [Department], [Brief Bio]
  3. [Name], [Designation], [Department], [Brief Bio]
  4. [Name], [Designation], [Department], [Brief Bio]  

We ask invitees to kindly resist from letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak! We want the party to be a surprise.

The party will be on [Date] at [Venue], which will be where the four will be asked to report to attend what they have been told is a retirement interview.

Their families have given the party their blessing and have agreed to join us at the venue a full 30 minutes before the curtains go up. Of course, the families have agreed to keep a poker face around the home in order not to spoil the surprise.

Invitations have been sent out to each and every employee of the organization, including our C-level executives.

You are welcome to bring along a little something for the awesome foursome.

Be that as it may, each of the four individuals will go home with a check . . . a certificate of appreciation signed by our founder and CEO, [Name] . . . an all-inclusive fully paid 14-day holiday to sunny Florida . . . keys to the company . . . and an offer to remain associated with the company as paid mentors and consultants.

Enough said-see you at the party!

Take care.