Sample Resume Letters

When writing your resume, you should consider the various style and formatting options.

The main resume formats are functional, skills-based, chronological, and imaginative.

Functional Resume Style
* Most commonly used resume style.
* Highlights previous work experience.

Skills-based Resume Style
* Best for those who have gained experience through different, unrelated jobs and/or other types of work such as academic courses, volunteer activities, and personal activities.

Chronological Resume Style
* Conservative
* Best for individuals who are seeking employment opportunities that are

similar to past positions.
* Starts with the present or most recent job and progresses backward in time.

Imaginative Resume Style
* Best for individuals seeking creative positions such as graphic design, landscape architecture, or creative writing.
* Including color graphics is acceptable.

Your resume should include this information:

* Name, address, and phone number
* Education
* Work experience
* Skills

This information is optional, but may be appropriate or useful in some cases:

* Activities and honors
* References and portfolios
* Job-related courses