Sample Love Letter

Many people write love letters. Such a letter can be either very endearing or so gushy that it makes its recipient sick. Love letters must be sincere and must come from the heart. This sample love letter is not overdone but still expresses the writer's inner feelings.

Dear [first name],

I love so much about you that it is difficult to mention only a few things. I love the way you laugh. I love the way you smile. I even love it when you upset me but then try so hard to make me feel better. Seldom does one minute pass in which I do not think of you. Before you came into my life, I did not know anyone who let me simply be myself. You accept me the way I am, and that has allowed me to open up my heart again. I have learned to trust you, and that is a wonderful, comforting feeling. Because of you, I mile frequently; I am happy again. And for that, I love you. Thank you, my darling. I will forever cherish our times together, and I know that we will continue to make beautiful memories for many years to come.


Your Name