The Thanksgiving Letter

Thanksgiving is a special time of the year for many of us. Some of us go back home to be with family and friends. While some others spend the occasion as guests of relatives, friends and acquaintances.

There are many reasons to write a Thanksgiving letter. Examples include . . . to thank someone for inviting you over for Thanksgiving but conveying your regrets that you will not be able to make it . . . thanking someone for having you over for Thanksgiving . . . and inviting a relative, friend or acquaintance to spend Thanksgiving with you and your family. You could even write a Thanksgiving letter to the neighborhood garbage collectors thanking them for what they do for a living (see example below).

Be sincere. Remember, what comes from the heart goes to the heart. If you have many people to write to and thank, write three or four letters that you can later use as templates. Of course, you will have to personalize each letter to make it appropriate for each recipient. You can do this by using more words or less . . . changing the tone of each letter . . . and the degree of intimacy that each letter conveys.

The letter that you write should essentially say what you would say if you could be there in person.

Dear [Name], [Name] and not least, [Name],

Last night, I asked my 5-year old to make a list of all those whom she would like us to remember this Thanksgiving.

You guys were up there in her list with her granny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus!

If I am the last to thank you for doing what you do for a living, I hope you can find it in you to forgive me!

I think it would have been better if I had said 'Thank you' instead of 'Happy Thanksgiving' over the years.

Thank you for keeping our neighborhood looking (and smelling!) great . . .

Thank you for taking pride in what you do despite the cold and the heat . . .

Thank you for putting your own health at risk for our benefit and that of your families . . .

Thank you for putting up with what you must think is our indifference . . .

Thank you.

If your beat takes you past our home this Thanksgiving, please look around near our mailbox. I hope you accept. It is a little something that our family would want you and your families to have.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Thank you, guys.