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How to Write a Letter of Condolence ?

A condolence letter is a medium to express sympathy to the family members of the deceased, in case if it is impossible for you to pay your last respects to the deceased.

Be genuine in writing, always express what your heart speaks.

The purpose behind writing a letter of condolence is to console the living.

Try to be brief, and it is of great importance to write promptly and with sincerity.

Condolence letters need to be written with the utmost tact, diplomacy and sensitivity.

If the deceased is a close associate, then address the Letter of Condolence to the eldest member of the family.

Writing words like a genuine ‘I’m sorry’ and other gestures of help will earn you the undying gratitude of the bereaved family.

To an extent avoid discussions over the tragic aspects of the death, but refer to the happy moments and good done during the deceased person’s lifetime.

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