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How to Write a Thank You Letter ?

Tips To Write a Thank You Letter

  • Write a thank you letter as soon as possible.

  • Never delay in writing an Official thanks letter or job interview letters, write these letters within 24 hrs.

  • Do not write a thanks letter beforehand, this might given an impression to the person that you are unwilling to write a follow-up letter.

  • If you are posting a paper-letter always try to handwrite the personal letters. Try to use customized letterhead for business correspondence. Always use quality paper.

  • Can use another medium of letter writing ex- E-mail in less formal situations, especially in official matters where time is a key factor.

  • Thank you letters should address to a specific person rather than an organization or the company in general.

  • Always keep your thank you letters specific and never lengthy. Be clear in whatever you write, your thank you letter should sound sincere.

  • Stick to the point

  • Be specific and include all the event details randomly. Make your letter stand out

  • Never forget to proofread the letter before sending it away. Rectify minor grammatical errors and typos as these mistakes may sound you unprofessional.

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