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Letter Of Poor Working Performance

Notice: Unsatisfactory Work Performance.

Date: ____________,

From: ____________, {Management}

To: ____________ {Recipient, Employee}

This notice confirms that we had a shot meeting earlier, when I mete you on ________ {Date}. In our meeting some serious issues were discussed regarding your poor work performance, due to the following reason(s):



In order to correct the above problem(s), it is necessary for you to adopt the following measures and steps:



I on behalf of the company’s management _______________ {Company Name}, like to affirm as strongly as possible that both of our earlier meet and this official memo is having only one primary purpose. That is to help you improve your work performance to a satisfactory level. We do have trust in you and hope that you will show improvement, so that you remain an employee of the company.

Please note that this official warning memo has been sent to you in duplicate. Do sign one copy after the words, “Receipt acknowledged” and return the other to me, as soon as possible.




{Company Name}

Receipt Acknowledged: ___________________.

Second Request Letter For Reimbursement

_____________ Landlord’s Name
_____________ Address
_____________ City, Province
_____________ Postal Code

Date : ________


Dear, _____________ [Landlord's Name]

This letter is in reference to my previous request dated _________ [Date] for reimbursement for emergency repairs.
I have still not received the reimbursement nor has a date for reimbursement been set.

Once again, please find attached all the relevant paperwork for your review. I am requesting reimbursement for the repairs totaling $ [Amount].

Thank you,


Tenant’s Printed Name


Tenant’s Signature

Phone Number



[Attach: copy of previous letter and attachment.]