Template for Business Letters

Date : __________,
________________ [Customer's name ],
________________ [Customer's address].

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your letter of Date _______,requesting for the _______, credit facilities with our _______, [firm name]. After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that we at present cannot, offer you our credit facility.
The reason behind this is also stated in our agreement,
____________________ [Credit Policy].
In brief, the above credit facilities are offered only to the customers, who have been trading with us for above six months. However we suggest that you kindly re-apply, after you fulfil the company's above criteria.
We believe that our high-quality products, top class customer service and competitive pricing will make it well worth for you.
I hope you will not be too disappointed with our decision at this moment of time.
Feel free to call me directly on _________ [office telephone number], if you wish to discuss this matter.
We look forward to being of service to you.
[Your Name ]
[Your Job Title]