The Easter Letter

What you write in an Easter letter depends on who you are writing it to and why. For example, you may be a teacher wanting to inform your students about the annual school Easter Egg Hunt. Or you may be writing a letter on the Tuesday after Easter thanking an acquaintance for having you over for Easter (see below).

Writing an Easter letter is no different from writing a Christmas or Thanksgiving letter. Sure, the occasion differs. But ultimately, every letter that you write should be written from the heart. Don't write to impress or show off your vocabulary or writing skills.

You are putting your feelings into words. Write like you speak. Keep the recipient in mind when you put pen to paper. Be thoughtful. Focus on the recipient. Stay in the background as much as you can.

First, write down everything you think you want to say in the letter. 'Everything' is the key word here. After you have run out of things to say, go over what you have written and start getting rid of words and sentences and thoughts that you feel are inappropriate. Using the remaining material, you can then write a draft of the letter. Go over it one last time, checking it for grammar and spelling mistakes and make any corrections that need to be made.

Dear [Name],

I hope this letter finds you and everyone at home well.

Thank you for having me home for Easter. I appreciate it.

I must say that I don't remember the last time I was made so welcome and felt so much at home. I am honored, humbled and blessed by your family's hospitality.

Please extend my heartfelt thanks to [Name], [Name], [Name], [Name], [Name] and not least, [Name].

Another reason why this Easter was so special to me was because it marked the 25th year since [Name] and I have been together! We chose not to celebrate it as [Name]'s dad had died in his sleep three days earlier just days after his 87th birthday. Otherwise, it would have been us hosting you and your family or at the very least [Name] would have accompanied me to the dinner hosted by you.

[Name] now insists that we invite you and the family over next weekend! I hope you can accept. It will be a long weekend and we hope you can be our guests right through Monday.

Easter greetings to everyone back home, once again.

Take care.



P.S. Don't bother making any travel and stay arrangements as I've arranged for you and your family to be picked up from the airport. You will be staying with us. No, it is no inconvenience!