Introduction Letter Samples

Sample Introduction Letters

The introduction letter is a bio that describes you. The introduction letter can also be an advert in disguise. It may be written with the aim of also persuading readers to make a decision that benefits you. The introduction letter is as much about you as it is about how what you say about yourself benefits the readers, their loved ones, a customer, a stakeholder . . . .

Examples include the introduction letter that a new teacher may write parents to let them know that she will now be their children's math teacher, for example . . . the letter that a new daycare may write young moms in a neighborhood to let them know that they are the most conveniently located daycare around . . . the letter that a family new to the area may write to families in the neighborhood to introduce themselves . . . .

An introduction letter should not be more than two pages long. That said, the length of the letter is not a sacrosanct rule. Include everything useful and of importance to the reader, even if it means more pages.

Understatement works best. Don't overemphasize key points. Include a couple of testimonials if you can. You will also do well to aim for a Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level score of 7.5 or lower.

Dear Friend,

We are your new neighbors and we wanted to say 'Howdy!' to you and your family!

We moved into 2500 North 3rd Avenue just the day before. Originally from Utah, we decided to relocate because we wanted a better quality of life for our seven children (ages 4 through 17) and their 98-year-young grandma!

But we are not new to the neighborhood. We have been here before many times as guests of the Fitzgeralds over at 2587. The Fitzgeralds are old friends of ours and it was they who alerted us to the great deal that the seller was offering to the family that decided to buy what now is our new home.

I must say that we are not disappointed. The house is great and the neighborhood is even better! The neighbors even helped us move in and had meals and snacks waiting for us! It was terribly kind of them. We are moved and look forward to having them over this weekend for dinner.

And that is also why you are reading this letter.

We would like you and your family to join us! The dress code is casual.

We look forward to meeting you as strangers and parting as friends.

Take care.

Until we meet in person . . .


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