Sample Meetings Letters

An invitation to attend a special meeting, a post-meeting letter summarizing the main points and a letter listing the minutes of a meeting are all types of a meetings letter.

The meetings letter is usually addressed to more than one recipient. However, the information contained in the meetings letter may vary depending on the intended recipients. In a corporate organization, for example, a meetings letter addressed to the lowest-ranked executive may contain barebone information in contrast to one addressed to more senior people.

As is the case with all other types of internal communication, the tone of the meetings letter is dictated by an organization's culture. The tone of a meetings letter circulated to the personnel in a contract research organization conducting a clinical trial on behalf of a client will understandably differ from one circulated to creative types in an advertising agency.

The meetings letter's job is to provide information and even serve as a reminder. It may be written by a secretary, an underling or a volunteer.

Since a meetings letter is addressed to various rungs in an organization, care must be taken to ensure it does not draw unnecessary and/or negative attention to either itself or its "author".


Dear [First name],

Guess who's dropping in at the agency this weekend?

None other than the maverick Neil French himself!

No stranger to controversy, Neil will be interviewed in person by our equally unconventional Group Creative Director, [Name].

You may already know Neil recently wrote Sorry for the Lobsters (available only on, which he claims is not an how-to book.

[Name] begs to differ.

If you are a copywriter, as [Name] still prefers to think of himself, then the book is as much to die for as the interview.

[Name] will grill Neil about the "process" he follows to churn out killer copy that is not only out of this world creatively but also gets the cash register ringing.

Bring your copy of Sorry for the Lobsters along with you. Neil will be happy to autograph it for you.

Another reason why the weekend will be more exciting for you is because copywriters from all across our network will be in attendance. It will be a once-in-a-blue-moon chance to rub shoulders, exchange notes and network with your peers.

Come hungry. Both for food and advertising wisdom.

If you wish, you can stay behind and help your colleagues party all night after the interview and dinner.