Sample Notification Letters

The notification letter notifies or provides information to a recipient. An example is the letter that you would write a landlord, property owner or property management company informing them of your intention to rent their property.

A notification letter may also be legally binding, which is the case with a notice or letter from the IRS notifying you about a miscalculation.

The notification letter is almost always formal in its tone and gets straight to the point. Nevertheless, its vocabulary and structure may tax your concentration as well as your comprehension.

Some, more serious, notification letters may require recipients to consult a expert in the subject of which the letter speaks (e.g. certified public accountant) or even a lawyer/counsel.

If a notification letter is written out of courtesy and does not involve matters of the law, almost anyone with a basic understanding of the subject can draft one.

Nevertheless, to be on the safe side it is almost always better to have a lawyer/counsel or a professional writer with a background in law draft your notification letter. Always make sure the letter says exactly what you would say if you could be there in person.

[Ms./Mr. Name]
[Texas Department of Motor Vehicles]

Dear [Ms./Mr. Last name],

I am writing to notify the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles that I am no longer the owner of the 2001 Hummer H1 bearing the vehicle registration number, IND-RME0, after its sale to Mr. Jonathan Brunswick, 227 Maple Drive, Montpelier 05601, Vermont, on September 17, 2011.

Along with the ownership of the vehicle, Mr. Brunswick is now by default subject to any criminal and civil liabilities that may result from his owning and using the aforementioned vehicle.

Besides the aforementioned mailing address, the contact information given to me by Mr. Brunswick at the time of sale includes his phone number, XXX-XXX-XXXX, and his e-mail address, [email protected].

I understand that until the current owner, Mr. Brunswick, sells the vehicle to another buyer, my name will not be removed from the state's record pertaining to the vehicle with the aforementioned registration number, and the record will indicate that I was a former owner and have duly notified the Texas DMV of the transfer of ownership.

I am available to answer any questions the department may have.

Please acknowledge and return the attached duplicate for my records.

Thank you for your time.