Sample Love/Valentine's Day Letter from Parent to Adult Child

Love/Valentine's Day Letter from Parent to Adult Child

Use this letter when you are expressing your Valentine’s Day wishes, or love any day of the year, to your adult child. Feel free to customize the letter according to your specific needs.

[Your letterhead, if desired; if not, your return address]

[Date of letter-month, day, and year]

[Recipient's first and last names]
[Company name]
[Street or P.O. box address]
[City, State ZIP code]

Dear [recipient's name]:

Happy Valentine's Day to my treasured daughter! I just cannot even imagine having a more special daughter. I think back on all the special and fun memories from when you were growing up, and my heart is full. I think of how wonderful a woman you have become and am immensely proud of you. Not only are you a woman of strength and integrity, but your caring and compassion warm my heart. You are beautiful in every way, both inside and out. I cannot wait to see you next month, when I'm sure we will make many more wonderful memories.

Love always,



[Sender's first and last names]

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