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Sample Regulations Letters

As the name suggests, this type of letter serves to make employees or members of a group aware of certain regulations they are expected to follow.

If an organization follows a “Save Trees" policy, for example, the HR/admin department may circulate a letter among the employees asking them to minimize the use of paper as much as possible. The letter may also list ways employees can minimize their dependence on paper.

A circular asking employees to light up in a designated smoking area and nowhere else is another example of a regulations letter.

Leaves, office supplies, phone calls, noisy coworkers, office clutter, meetings, use of facilities, housekeeping responsibilities . . . are all examples of the various subjects a regulations letter can cover.

The regulations letter is usually drafted by the admin, HR or organizing team in consultation with office managers or team coordinators.

This type of letter may inform, warn and even announce punitive action to be taken against those flouting the regulation.

In a smaller office or team environment, the regulations letter may be required to be signed by each employee or team member to indicate they have read and agree to follow the regulation.


Noise, Office Productivity and Employee Health

Dear Colleague,

Some of you have reported experiencing distressing levels of noise within the office.

As you can imagine, this is of great concern not only to the HR department but also to the firm as a whole.

You may already be aware office noise undermines productivity. What you may not be aware of is noise has the potential to make office workers mentally and/or physically ill, even if they are not particularly concerned about the noise.

Talking loudly . . . banging shut drawers, doors and windows . . . humming and singing . . . using the computer's speakers instead of headphones . . . talking with a colleague in a language not familiar to another colleague in the same area . . . hailing a colleague out loud or shouting out instructions from one corner of the office to the other . . . are just some examples of what can be interpreted as noise in an office environment.

Noise can also be used as a "weapon" to show frustration, anger, irritation, contempt and disapproval among colleagues.

Incidentally, our property manager reports our air conditioners, facsimiles, and the like, are in excellent working condition and not the source of any noticeable levels of noise.

On behalf of the firm, I request employees to be aware of the distress they may be unwittingly causing others and to help ensure a noise-free environment within the office.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do let me know.



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