Rules Letter Samples

Sample Rules Letters

This type of letter lists one or more rules which members of an organization or team may be obligated to keep in mind. The rules letter may also mention the action that could be taken against those violating them.

Depending on the size of the organization/team, the rules letter can be circulated as a hard copy, e-mailed to employees/members or posted on a blog or the intranet.

Some of the subjects this type of letter can cover include designated smoking areas, late coming, absenteeism, change of office timings, entry and exit registration, office supplies, phone and Internet usage, office noise, office decorum, sexism or some other form of inappropriate behavior, insubordination, housekeeping, daily/weekly reports, office clutter and the like.

The rules letter may be addressed to one strata of the organization/group or to all employees/members in general.

The rules letter is usually written by the HR or admin department in consultation with senior executives or the employees/members themselves.

A rules letter used in the corporate environment may be based on a letter template created or inherited by the HR or admin executive(s) in charge of writing it.

The rules letter is also known as the regulations letter.


Read this if you are an intern

Dear Friend,

The interns are the workhorses in an organization such as ours.

Without them, we would be handicapped.

That said, you should know that we can do without the interns if we have to.

The reason why we bring this subject up is because some of our senior-most employees are concerned about what can only be called the disrespectful behavior of some of the interns towards them.

We are an equal-opportunity employer and a reputable organization, and deeply concerned about the productivity and legal ramifications resulting from such incidents.

As you may be aware, our organization employs people in their late teens (like many of our interns) through those nearing retirement age.

The organization believes mutual respect is of paramount importance in an organization such as ours.

To ensure all interns and employees are on the same page as far as inappropriate behavior is concerned, they are advised to consult-and file any complaint they may have—with HR executive, [Name].

We would like to inform everybody that we will take serious cognizance of any allegation leveled against an individual and will take appropriate steps to take the guilty party to task.

Punitive action may range from a written reprimand through termination of service and even legal action.

Please contact the undersigned if you have any questions.



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