Sample Business Holiday Letters

A business holiday letter is an opportunity to sell your brand afresh to employees and business contacts. Unfortunately, many business holiday letters instead use boilerplate language to say very little using many words.

What type of a business holiday letter do you want to write? A bonus, work hours, pay rate or pay schedule letter? A holiday letter to business contacts? A holiday closing schedule?

Keep your employee or business contact front of mind when writing the letter. What might they want to hear besides the usual details? For example, a business contact may respond to a special offer included in your holiday letter to them.

Rope in someone high up in your marketing department-and not some minion in a basement office-to draft the business holiday letter. At the most, no more than three people should sign off on the letter.

If you are ghostwriting the business holiday letter for, say, your CEO, make sure the language and tone of the letter matches the personality of the CEO.

The letter should not sound like it has come down from Mt. Olympus. But neither should it flirt with excessive familiarity. The length of the letter is not really all that important. What counts is you say what you want to say and no more.

Dear [Name],

We may not yet have had the opportunity to meet in person.

But I can tell you that I nevertheless know you quite well.

Let me explain.

Here at [Company], we take great pride in our products.

Some of our peers may have better products, but I can tell you in all modesty that our after-sales is second to none.

Many of our clients have told us that our after-sales is our best salesman. Which is why we continue to be patronized by clients who value time as much as they do money.

Clients such as you.

So, I hope you will understand when I say that I know you quite well.

Which brings me to this letter.

Here at [Company], we were scratching our heads the other day over how best we could reward the trust that you continue to repose in us after all these years.

Our chief after-sales manager enthusiastically suggested we offer you a full year's after-sales with our holiday compliments.

So that's what we decided to do.

The full year's after-sales is over and above the replacement or money-back warranty of the products you purchased from us. You even pay nothing for the parts!

The value of a full year's after-sales?


There's more.

Every product that you order from us in the next 365 days will be yours at 95% to 86% of the retail price.

This special holiday deal is for your exclusive use only. No other client can enjoy the same benefits.

But we must receive the completed Holiday Savings Certificate (attached) no later than [Date].

All of us here at [Company] wish you a fabulous [Holiday].