Sample Donation Letter

Dear [Customer Name]:

Will you join us in keeping our community clean?

I am writing to you because you are a fellow member of Houston's downtown community. I'm sure that you value living in such a quiet, peaceful neighborhood, just as I do. Sometimes, however, in order to keep one's community clean, one needs to take action. That's what this letter is about: taking action – community action.

For some time, our neighborhood has faced acute problems due to the lack of a proper waste-disposal process. This is a major reason for the increase in viral fever throughout the community. The local Community Action Committee has been meeting over the past several weeks to determine how to combat this problem, and their primary recommendation calls for a weekly waste disposal squad. They estimate that the extra cost will be approximately $10,000 to $15,000 per year. Since this cost is not included in this year's municipal budget, some of us have decided to contribute.

I urge you to join us in supporting this worthy cause. You can deposit your donation in one of the drop boxes provided near the meeting hall. Together, we can work towards our own common good.

In the spirit of community,