Sample General Holiday Letters

A letter announcing a food drive and requesting donations from neighbors and friends . . . a letter from a business alerting customers to the holiday closing schedule . . . a letter inviting classical music fans to a holiday concert . . . a letter calling fellow worshipers to a service . . . and a letter announcing an after-holiday clearance sale . . . are all examples of a general holiday letter.

A general holiday letter is addressed to acquaintances, fellow members, employees, neighbors, donors, customers, other businesses and the like. Of course, it is almost always tied in with a specific holiday.

You might write a general holiday letter merely as a courtesy or to encourage some sort of action from the recipient for the benefit of your business, event, cause, neighborhood . . . .

No matter what the reason, a holiday letter must be authentic if it hopes to stand out. If you are seeking some sort of response from the recipient, it is all the more important that your holiday letter also be persuasive. Remember, your holiday letter won't be the only one that the recipient will find in their mailbox.

Write from the heart. Let your words address the recipient's emotions regardless of whether you are writing them as a courtesy or want them to take some sort of action.

Dear Friend,

This will not be the first or the last letter that you will receive this time of the year.

And this will also not be the first or the last letter that you will take for granted.

But not far from your home . . . right here in our neighborhood . . . live individuals and families who lead a life of stark contrast to our own.

They will likely receive no holiday letters this year—just as they haven't in the years before.

They will likely go hungry despite the time of the year-just as they likely did yesterday and the day before.

They will likely have no laughter to share with others . . .

They will likely have no gifts to give or unwrap . . .

They will likely have no one to share this time of the year with . . .

I am not going to ask, "Why don't you do something to help the homeless?"

What I am going to ask instead is . . . why don't we?

Please donate to the Hungry To Help food drive.

Not only will the homeless be fed warm home-cooked meals this holiday weekend, they will each also receive a holiday letter.

Please drop off your donations (food or checks made out to Hungry To Help, Thingamajig Ministries) at our Donation Center at [Address].

Thank you for lending a hand.



P.S. I am a Thingamajig Ministries volunteer. If you have any questions, I can be reached at XXX-XXXX.