Sample Inquiry Letters

The inquiry letter seeks information from the recipient.

Examples include a child support payment letter written by one parent to another . . . a letter by a correctional officer to a court seeking sentencing information about an incarcerated individual . . . and a letter you would write a business seeking more information about their product or service.

Some inquiry letters may even provide background information such as name, case details, age, address, where the writer heard about the recipient or their product/service, government-issued identity details, and the like.

The inquiry letter inquires, requests or asks. It almost never demands. The inquiry letter must always pay due consideration to making sure both the recipient and their time are respectfully dealt with.

The inquiry letter documents a situation and requests the recipient for some sort of information or action.

The inquiry letter can be legally binding on both the writer and the recipient and may be admissible in a court of law as evidence of the initiative taken by one party to seek more information or some sort of action from another.



Dear [Ms./Mrs./Mr. Last name],

I am writing to find out if [Organization name] could use a site engineer with my experience and credentials.

My two-year sabbatical ends in October 2011 and I am interested in being considered for a site engineer position.

I am especially interested in a position based in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas or in one of the Gulf Cooperation Council nations, especially Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates or Oman.

As the attached bio and résumé will tell, I have several years of international experience and my career has so far also taken me to the Caucasus, North Sea and South America.

Besides being an oil & gas site engineer, I am also an oil & gas consultant, author and explorer. My clients include Texaco, Shell, Oil & Gas Australia, Lufthansa, and British Petroleum. I have written four semi-autobiographical books about the world oil & gas industry, and three books about my experiences as a world traveler.

From time to time, I also lecture about issues impacting the oil & gas industry, such as the Middle East geopolitics, the Iraq conflict, the non-OPEC oil-producing nations, Iran and the so-called BRIC nations, and the like.

My bio also includes three character as well as professional references.

I am free from Monday through Saturday, 09:00 to 23:00, to answer any questions you may have or to attend an interview.

If I don't hear from you within a fortnight, I will write again or call you to find out the status of my application.

Thank you for your time.