Sample Rejection Letters

Examples of a rejection letter include the one you would write a prospective employer to convey your regrets for being unable to accept their job offer . . . a letter you may receive from a bank informing you of their decision not to issue the credit card you applied for . . . and a letter you would receive from a prospective employer informing you that you have been unsuccessful in making it to the shortlist of candidates for an open position.

If you are required to write a rejection letter, make sure you don't end up burning bridges. If you are rejecting a job offer, do so sincerely, respectfully and professionally. Don't just tell them why you are rejecting the job offer. Let them also know why you are doing so.

On the other hand, what if you receive a rejection letter from a prospective employer, bank, publishing house, or the like?

Pay close attention to the reasons why the letter says you were unsuccessful. When writing another prospective employer, bank, publishing house, or the like, you may well be successful if you are forthright about those negatives in your cover letter to them.



Dear [Ms./Mrs./Mr. Last name],

We thank you for your interest in working with us.

After reviewing your application, we have come to the conclusion that we do not have a position suitable for someone with your experience and qualifications.

That said, we would also like to bring to your notice a discrepancy we noticed in your CV. Our inquiries revealed you were an employee of [Organization name] for six years, not six months.

If this is a typo, we advise you to make the necessary correction and again forward your CV to us for our records.

Although we can't guarantee it, we may have need of someone with your skills early next year. Your interviewer, [Ms./Mrs./Mr. Name], [Designation], was also impressed by your take on spectrum analysis as it relates to broadband technology. You have won his recommendation.

If you find yourself still looking for a job early next year, which is highly unlikely given your background, we would like you to get in touch with Ms. [Name], [Designation], in person after scheduling an appointment with her. Her number is [#].

Alternatively, you can get in touch with the undersigned.

If you have any questions, please do let us know.

We wish you the very best in your endeavors.