Job Offer Rejection Letter

When seeking employment, you may be offered multiple jobs within a short time period. If this happens, you may have to reject some offers. After you review all the employment offers you have received, it is very important that you respond to all potential employers and inform them of your intentions. This means that you should send a letter of acceptance or rejection to each company that offers you a position. You must be honest and open with these companies so that they will respect you; that way, you can maintain a good professional reputation, which will be useful if you ever need their help in the future.

Dear _____________,

I would like to thank you and [Insert Company Name] for your generous employment offer; for various reasons, however, I am declining the opportunity. The position and compensation were adequate, but, because of other circumstances, I have accepted an employment offer from a different company.

Thank you for considering my application and giving me the chance to interview with your company.