Letter to Employer to Apologize for Not Completing Work on Time

Write this type of letter to apologize to your employer for not completing work on time. Include any relevant details, such as the project details, any information regarding why the work completion was delayed, and when you anticipate getting the work done.

[Your letterhead, if desired; if not, your return address]

[Date of letter—month, day, and year]

[Recipient's first and last names]
[Company name]
[Street or P.O. box address]
[City, State ZIP code]

Dear [recipient's name]:

I am writing to let you know that I have not yet completed the work project that was due to you today. I sincerely and profusely apologize for this delay and for any problems it might cause for you or for the rest of the team members. I had set aside a certain number of hours to complete the work, and unfortunately, I had not anticipated that the work would take as long as it has taken. I anticipate that I will complete the work by two days from now and will send the completed project to you sooner if I am able to do so more quickly.

Thank you for your patience, and again, I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay.




[Sender's first and last names]

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