Intent - Construction Letter


[Ms./Mrs./Mr. Full name]

Dear Friend,

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power intends to start construction of a utilities tunnel that will be passing under your neighborhood.

The excavation will begin on Wednesday, 28 September 2011, and construction of the tunnel is expected to be completed within six weeks.

In order to minimize the inconvenience the work may cause to people living in the neighborhood, the LADWP has scheduled the work to be carried out during night hours.

Please be assured that there will be no noticeable pollution of any kind that will affect the quality of life that you, your family and pets have come to expect of this part of Los Angeles.

The tunneling will begin from within the Community Park. The Haveno Avenue will be closed to traffic for the entire duration of the excavation and construction period.

Please be informed that dump trucks and semi's will pass through your neighborhood while they travel to and from the Community Park worksite. We have decided to use smaller vehicles for safety and pollution reasons even though this will add 5 more days to the project's schedule.

If you have any questions and are inconvenienced in any way at any time during the six weeks because of the activities surrounding the excavation and construction, please call 1-800-LAD-WP11. We will respond promptly to your inquiry or complaint.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.