Intent - Purchase Business Letter

Dear Friend,

Emca & Co. (USA), the world's #3 utilities maintenance company, intends to pay $2.8 billion in cash to acquire The Acme Company, America's #7 utilities maintenance company.

The respective CEOs of the two organizations have agreed in principle to complete the transfer of shares, properties, employees, assets, liabilities and Acme's $99.4 million debt to Emca by December 2011. The acquisition is awaiting approval of the Federal Trade Commission.

The Acme Company is now owned jointly by the families of the eight founders, with a minority equity in the possession of Zyxwo Partners. Acme's revenues in the fiscal year ending January 2011 stood at $516 million.

With the acquisition, Emca will become the largest utilities maintenance company in the world. The acquisition not only makes business sense and benefits the shareholders, but it also insulates the employees of Acme from adverse economic conditions and positions Emca for continued growth well into the next decade.

All Acme employees will be absorbed into Emca, with the exception of seven C-level executives.

The Houston and Memphis operations of Acme will be truncated, while the Boston and New Orleans divisions will cease operations entirely. Affected employees will be moved into other Emca divisions nationwide.

For inquiries and questions, please contact the undersigned.

For Emca & Co. (USA),


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