Sample Pitch Letters

The pitch letter is similar to a sales letter in its purpose.

It seeks some specific action from the recipient. In the pitch letter's case, it may be an account an advertising agency has coveted for far too long . . . a fleet contract from a big client . . . a massive annual order for flowers and fruit baskets from a hotel . . . .

The pitch letter makes a pitch for business. It is usually addressed to senior executives. It may even sometimes be addressed to the principals of a business.

The pitch letter puts its case forward with regards to why the business writing it deserves to be given the account, contract or order instead of some competing business.

The pitch letter must include the most important reasons why a business is deserving of the business it is pitching for.

The length of the pitch letter is not of great importance. It must use as many words and as many pages as it needs to make a good persuasion and selling job.

It may be written by a senior executive in consultation with other senior executives . . . the new business, marketing or sales department . . . and the legal eagles.



Dear [Ms./Mrs./Mr. Last name],

We are excited to be in the running to bag your contract to supply flowers and fruit baskets to your chain of hotels for the 2012-2014 financial years.

As our presentation last week must have made you aware, we are the West Coast's leading flowers and fruits business.

We employ 8,248 employees in 39 locations. If we bag your contract, we will be required to hire 984 more employees and extend our operations to 14 more locations. This, in turn, will provide indirect employment to 12,893 men and women in California, Oregon, Washington, and even faraway Hawaii.

We are also fortunate to have many other hospitality businesses as our clients. The hotels, restaurants, country clubs, and the like we now serve number 97.

Our founder Antonio de la Salvador started the flowers and fruit baskets business in his native Mexico way back in 1840. He moved his business to California at the end of the US-Mexican War.

His great-great-grandson now heads this $38 billion business, which makes us the #3 supplier of flowers and fruits in the world in terms of revenue.

Following your request to provide more favorable pricing, we are now pleased to inform you that instead of cutting the price the board has decided to freeze the pricing for the entire duration of the contract, regardless of the expenses we may incur in the bargain.

We are looking forward to bagging the contract very soon.

Meanwhile, please acknowledge this letter by getting in touch with the undersigned, who will also answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time.