Goodbye Letter from a Teacher to Her Students

Dear Friend or [Name],

As you bid adieu to your alma mater, I hope you have learned much more than you have been taught during your short time here.

I hope your love of learning will always remain as strong as it was when you were a student of curiosity many summers ago.

I hope you continue to learn even long after you leave the embrace of the formal education system of our great nation.

I hope you always look for the teacher in both the friend and the foe.

I hope the student in you respects the wisdom of experience more than the mere knowledge of life.

I hope you don't abandon the lessons of the past at the feet of the ego.

I hope you will continue to read in between the lines and search for meanings that go beyond the textbooks.

I hope you are surrounded by books but remember to borrow often and generously from the library of life.

I hope you accomplish more than you think you have accomplished. 

I hope the A's or the C's or even the F's do not cloud your opinion of yourself.

I hope the fear of failure does not stop you from taking the first step . . . then the second . . . then the third . . . .

This is going to be a new chapter, a new beginning in your life. I wish you luck and success in any endeavor you wish to undertake in future. And am sure you will make your parents, your alma mater proud of your achievements one day.


My sincere best wishes will be with you all your life.


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