Sample Goodbye Letter to a Best Friend

Goodbye Letter to a Best Friend

Dear [Name],

The only thing constant in life is change. As much as we would like it to remain the same, it is time to say goodbye. Today as we part, I want you to know how much your friendship means to me. Distance may take us apart, but we will always be only a phone call away. We have lived and grown together, and now it is time to spread our wings and fly. But no distance can be as great, no mountain as tall and no seas as deep as to separate our hearts which are now one.

As you get ready to move, I want you to know that you were the last person I was expecting at the door today and it was nothing less than fantastic to have you! I may not have been able to gather the courage to say good bye in person.

It is great that you are going to do what you love and love what you do for a living. If what you said is anything to go by, you are one of the lucky few who are fortunate to have great people for colleagues. Good on you, man!

I am also thrilled to know that your dad is doing really well after struggling for years and has now remarried. It is great that you will finally be taking the giant step of bridging the emotional distance that separates your half-sister and you. I am sure you two will make great friends once you open up and begin to trust each other.

Thank you for the thoughtful gift. It will always remind me of our friendship.

My best wishes to your extended family.

Take care, my friend, and stay in touch.

Goodbye . . . until we meet again.


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