Goodbye Letter to a Boyfriend

Dear [Name],

I am sorry, [Name], but it isn't working out between us, is it?

I think neither of us is to blame.

We have just drifted apart. I think we have had no choice.

I guess some relationships are not meant to be.

I hope you find your soulmate. And soon.

Because you have always admired honesty in others, I want you to know that [Name] and I have grown closer together over the years.

Don't get me wrong. I did not see him or anyone else during the time that you and I were together.

I think [Name] and I are falling in love with each other. We haven't told each other as much but my intuition tells me this is true and I am not fooling myself.

Please don't think that I am already on the rebound. That's not what it is. You've known [Name] as long as I have.

Please don't hold any grudges. I certainly won't.   

I will always respect and admire you. I hope the feeling is mutual.

It may sound like a cliché but I do want us to be at least friends.

Take care.

Best wishes.


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