Sample Child Care Recommendation Letter


Dear [Ms./Mrs./Mr. Last name],

My daughter, [Name], attends [Name of child care center] and I highly recommend them to any parent/guardian who is as concerned about their child as I am about mine.

I am a single mom and work as a credit analyst in downtown NYC. I began my search for a child care center even before I became pregnant with [Name].

Incidentally, [Name of the child care center] was the first child care center I visited. [Name], the center director, personally escorted me around the place and introduced me to the staff and some of the parents there.

My interaction with the staff and the feedback of the parents told me [Name of child care center] would dovetail virtually perfectly with my demanding requirements. However, I did not wish to make a hasty decision and eventually visited 7 other child care centers in the area.

The conclusion I reached after researching all of them was none of them compared to [Name of child care center].

Three years later, I would still choose [Name of child care center] if I had to pick a child care center again.

In a few months, my daughter will no longer be required to attend [Name of child care center]. But no prizes for guessing which child care center my next child will attend!