Sample Job Recommendation Letter


[Company name]

Dear [Name],

Last week, you mentioned you were looking for an administrator capable of single-handedly managing the two homes that you run for street children.

I would like to recommend [Name] for the job.

[Name] honors me with his friendship and he is also my confidant.

I have known him virtually for as long as I have been a parishioner of St. Joseph's Cathedral.

[Name] has been associated with the Archdiocese since he was in his teens and he has as many admirers as he has detractors.

Besides being an experienced and respected administrator, he is also a teacher, speaker, author and relationship counselor.

He has recently returned home after administrating a seminary of about 300 future priests for over four years.

Soon after our meeting, I rang him up to inquire if he would be interested in working with an NGO that looks after street children.

I told him more or less what you told me about the organization, what it does, the challenges it faces on a daily basis, and the like.

[Name]'s response to my inquiry was positive. He would like to be considered for the position and has promised to call you soon to schedule a meeting next week.

I highly recommend him to you.

If you have any questions, please do let me know.