Sample Professional Capacity Recommendation Letter



Dear Dr. [Last name],

It is with great pleasure that I am writing you to recommend fellow doctor and oncologist, Dr. [Name], to your hospital.

Dr. [Name] served as my assistant for over [#] years before going on to specialize in head and neck cancers.

During his tenure with me, I found him to be highly competent, knowledgeable, dedicated and tireless, and a real pleasure to work with. His former co-workers tell me there experience has been no different from my own.

Dr. [Name] has authored several papers which have been published in, among others, the Journal of American Oncology, Oncology Review, Mayo Clinic Oncology Chronicle, and the Oncologists of America's Oncology Sentinel.

Dr. [Name], you may be aware, is a past recipient of the coveted Pischard Fuller Prize, which since its inception in 1914 has been awarded to no more than seven oncologists.

Dr. [Name] is also a sought-after consultant, speaker, lecturer, newspaper columnist, panelist and the host of the CBS series about surviving cancer, Second Chances.

Your own inquiries are certain to reveal many more reasons why Dr. [Name] is bound to prove to be an asset to your hospital.

I am enclosing a bio about Dr. [Name] I have voluntarily drafted for your reference.

If you have any questions, I insist you consider it an obligation on my part to answer them.

I wish you the very best.