Sample Sorority Recommendation Letter


[Sorority name] Recruitment
C/o [University name]

Dear [Sorority name] Recruitment Representative,

I am writing to recommend my daughter's best friend, [Name], to the [University name] chapter of [Sorority name].

I have known [Name] virtually all her life and she is the most level-headed young woman I know. I recommend her to your sorority without reservations because I not only believe but also know how capable she is of enriching the sorority with her enthusiasm, creativity, common sense and drive.

As long as I can remember, [Name] has been one of the younger pillars of our neighborhood and church. [Name] has planned and coordinated food drives . . . Bake-A-Thons and Feed-A-Thons to benefit the homeless . . . volunteered her time to the church on many occasions . . . written the local council and ensured our town is now one of the cleanest in the State . . . co-founded the Crime Busters Neighborhood Patrol, which brought down crime to almost negligible levels . . . .

As her many academic and sports awards and recognitions will tell you, she has excelled both inside and outside the classroom since her school days.

[Name] loves horse riding as much as she loves poetry (writing and reading), golf, her granddad's Harley, paleontology, Nordic walking, The Beatles and the "King", figure skating . . . !

I am enclosing a picture of this beautiful young woman.

If you have any doubts about my credentials, let me just say that I myself was a Class of [Year] member of the [University name] chapter of [Sorority name]!

If rumors are to be believed, the sorority was never more envied than it is today. I recommend [Name] to the sorority and the sorority to [Name] with pride.