Sample Rental Recommendation Letter


Dear [Name],

I've asked around and done some research of my own.

I believe I've found the perfect apartment for you to rent in downtime NYC.

The studio apartment is owned by a fashion photographer who is on the road virtually 9 months of the year. The apartment is fully furnished and even has its own housekeeper who drops in twice a day regardless of whether or not anybody's in!

The apartment overlooks Central Park. Several museums, restaurants, shops, boutiques, attractions, bars, and the like are within easy reach of the apartment.

I actually heard about the studio apartment from an acquaintance of mine who rented it about 4 months ago.

He has no complaints about either the studio apartment, the housekeeping or the location.

The management requires the studio apartment be booked for at least 15 consecutive days at a time.

The studio apartment has a queen-size bed, a couch, kitchenette and marble bath.

The acquaintance is reliable. I have also made some inquiries of my own. Besides the manager, I've also spoken with a couple of people who regularly rent the studio apartment. The feedback has been positive.

I also wanted to get in touch with the owner but was told the gentleman prefers queries be directed to the management.

The manager's number is [#].

Take care.