Fraternity Recommendation Letter Sample

Sample Fraternity Recommendation Letter


[Fraternity name] Recruitment
C/o [University name]

Dear Fellow [Fraternity name] Member,

I can't think of recommending anybody as a Potential New Member more than I do [Name].

We were neighbors and went to the same high school back in Pleasantville, NJ. We bumped into each other at the mall just last week.

Imagine my surprise when [Name] told me that he was relocating here to be close to his ailing father and was seriously considering joining our fraternity.

I immediately volunteered to write this letter recommending [Name] be recruited to our fraternity.

[Name] was an amazing guy back in Pleasantville. He was the school's star quarterback. He also excelled in the classroom.

Although it's been a while since we last met, my interaction with him last week tells me he hasn't changed all that much.

[Name] told me he captained the football team of his college in Pleasantville and was among the top 3 students of his class just three weeks ago.

[Name] is an accomplished artist and has even exhibited his work to critical acclaim and commercial success.

He is still interested in archeology as a career. In fact, three of his designs have already seen the light of day and he has even been offered a paid internship by the renowned architecture firm, Woode P. Ecker Architecture & Engineering.

I am attaching a bio about [Name], which I believe will leave no doubt why our fraternity would be better off with [Name] as a member.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need some specific information to expedite [Name]'s recruitment.

Thank you for your time.



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